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You Can Be The Lucky One To Help Fund Whitney’s Fashion Week Show


Former City starlet, Whitney Port, is in a position where she has to ask her fans for something she would probably rather not.

Fashion week is a serious turning point for all designers and of course she would like  to be apart of it.  But,Whitney apparently doesn’t have the money to fund it.  So, she has reached out and asked her fans to donate $50,000 to her to allow her designs to be showcased this fall for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

We all know her fashion designs are unique and expensive, so why is she asking for the average joe’s money who probably won’t ever be able to afford it? Doesn’t she have enough money? This could be risky for Whitney’s career if fans react negatively to her solicitation.

Whitney must have thought about the potential backlash.  If you do have money to donate to a complete stranger who lives a rather privileged and lavish life, Whitney is giving treats in return. We don’t understand the logic in asking people for money and giving big gifts in return, but thank you Whit!  Most of the gifts have to do with Whitney Eve items, so we suppose Whitney’s not losing a lot of money on the giveaways.  She wants to give a behind-the-scenes look into the fashion world to the donators. Here is some fun stuff you will receive in return of a donation:

Donate $1: Receive a shout-out on her Facebook page.

Donate $5: Receive a personal tweet on her Twitter page.

Donate $30: Receive a $50 credit to WhitneyEve.com as well as a personal tweet on her Twitter Page.

Donate $50: Receive a Whitney Eve Spring ’13 look chosen by Whitney or two surprise pieces from past collections valued at $350.

Donate $85: Receive four surprise pieces of Whitney Eve from past collections valued at $700.

Donate $250: Receive a trip to Whitney Eve’s NYC headquarters during the days leading up to the fashion week you helped her get to.

Donate $300: Receive a sneak-peek to the Whitney Eve Spring ’13 collection by attending the NYC fitting.

Donate $450(ONLY 5 spots): Receive a front-row seat to view the Whitney Eve collection.

We would love to see Whitney on the runway, so even if we disagree with her method, we hope she makes it there!

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