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The Last Single Girl



Ever since her ‘fairytale’ marriage to Brad Pitt ended in 2005, Jennifer Aniston has become a real-life version of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.  Well, perhaps minus the crazy fashion!

She’s never been short of a fabulous, famous man on her arm, but the relationships with Bradley Cooper, Vince Vaughn, John Mayer and Gerard Butler just never seemed to last, earning her a reputation for being forver unlucky in love.

Surely the most lovely news then to come out this week, was that Jennifer’s boyfriend of 15 months, Justin Theroux asked her to marry him! 

People magazine report that last weekend, Jen and Justin boarded a luxury jet to New York City to celebrate Justin’s 41st birthday, yet the actor had the engagement secretly planned too.  On Friday night, August 10, which is Justin’s birthday, the couple were seen dining at Manhattan restaurant Blue Hill, sitting very closely, side by side.  Apparently Justin had proposed that day, with a source sharing that Jen gave him “an extraordinary gift” by accepting.

The source reveals that “He’s been dying to do it. His friends knew it was coming.” The friend goes on to say,  “Everyone is really excited for them. It’s amazing to see how happy Justin makes Jen, and everyone was always hoping that he would propose.”

Perhaps one of the reasons Jen and Justin make such a good couple is because of their similar outlook on life, with a friend revealing “They have the same low-key attitude about life.  They just click and complement each other.”

Hills2City are over-the-moon for Jennifer and Justin and can’t wait to see all the wedding preparations.  Congratulations guys!

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