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She Likes The Bad Boys



Looks like Stephanie Pratt still goes for the bad boys!  The video above shows Stephanie and her boyfriend Julien Chabbott getting written up by a cop for a parking ticket.  The cop is standing very close to the front wheel of the tyre, and allegedly was run over by Julien’s Ferarri.

Julien is suggesting that the cop involved, Officer Felix Recio, is faking his injuries, but a law enforcement source told TMZ that “his left foot and right hand were injured and he went to a hospital for treatment.”

A source close to Julien and Stephanie tells TMZ that “a valet parked Julien’s $260,000 Ferrari in a no-parking zone, so he was just ‘frustrated’ that the cop painted him as the bad guy.”

The source also claims that  “Julien believes the video shows the cop looked just fine as he walked over to the driver’s door, adding the cop doesn’t start limping until he knows other officers are watching.”

For his part, Officer Recio claims that Julien was “bitching” about his parking ticket, then got back in his car and started driving away, although he had been ordered to stand on the sidewalk.

This is a difficult situation, because if you just watch the video, you can see both sides of the story.  The cops do look like they’re being overtly rough with Julien too, pulling him out of the car and seemingly throwing him on the ground.

Julien has been charged with felony assault and misdemeanor obstruction of governmental administration.

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