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Heidi 12.0?



Although she’s been out of the spotlight since 2010 for the most part, it seems the new and improved Heidi Montag is making a comeback.  Celebuzz has conducted a series of interviews with the former theHills star, where Heidi reveals her life these days consists of a simple, healthy life at the beach, where she and Spencer live in the Santa Barbara house owned by his parents. 

Heidi has shown Celebuzz inside the beach house, and posed for photos like the one above, where she’s certainly looking a lot more natural than we were used to seeing her.

So these are the Top 10 things we “probably didn’t know” about the new Heidi:

1) She wouldn’t mind being a bartender. “My mom [Darlene Egelhoff] is cleaning houses now because they lost their restaurant,” says Montag, whose family business, Timberlines, shuttered its doors in 2010. “I try to help them, but I didn’t have enough to save it. One of my goals someday is reopen the restaurant and help them. I’ll leave the cooking to my stepdad. I’ll just be an eater… or bartender!”

2) She skipped reading longtime nemesis Lauren Conrad‘s best-selling trio of L.A. Candy novels. “I heard they’re based on our friendship, but I haven’t read them,” Montag says. “I’m writing my own real memoir, not a fiction one.” Meow! “I wrote it two years ago, and last year I started having it edited. It will take a few more months because it’s a serious memoir,” Montag says.

3) Pratt is nearing completion of his college studies, including time at University of Southern California. “He has one class at USC, and then Spanish, and he graduates because he already did most of his political science major,” Montag says. “He took a break when he sold Princes of Malibu to Fox, and then took a break when he did The Hills. So he really only has one more class, and he gets his Political Science degree.”

4) The reality couple — who used to routinely charge $100,000 to host a club party on the Las Vegas Strip — are admittedly broke. They pay no rent to live in Pratt’s father’s house in Santa Barbara, Calif. “Who knows where we’d be if it wasn’t for Spencer’s family?” Montag says. “It’s definitely a miracle that we get to live here. We are really cautious with our money now, and we don’t have rent. So we fortunately get to save that money. It’s just save, save, save.”

5) Where did all that money go? “You make a lot of money, but half goes to taxes and the other half goes to agents, managers, lawyers,” Montag says. “It sounds like you make a lot of money, but you don’t. Sometimes, Spencer and I say, ‘Gosh, we should have just quit Season 1 or 2 and called it a day.’ But I’m thankful, and the life experiences were priceless. At least we learned younger.”

6) She has reunited with mother Darlene after hitting a rough patch in their relationship. “It was serious, right after The Hills. We just had some disagreements and a lot of miscommunications. You just have to put the past behind you and move forward, and we are both at a place where we are back in each other’s lives,” Montag says. “I reached out to her because she sent me a birthday card year before last. I just wanted to talk to my mom, so I called her.You only get one mom, and they are important. So it was important for me to see her again. She was always my best friend growing up. It’s great to have her back in my life.”

7) She’s training with a martial arts expert.“[Spencer and I] go to L.A., and we have our trainer. I’m doing Crossfit, which is really intense, really hardcore,” Montag says. “It’s what Olympic professional athletes do in their off-season. Michael Casey is our trainer — he’s a martial arts master. It’s twice a week, and then at home I row for like 20 minutes, 30 minutes on the treadmill. I do half an hour to an hour of cardio on my own. I do my workout 5 or 6 days a week. I love being athletic. I’m from Colorado, so I love being athletic. I grew up doing sports.”

8) Her two must-have drinks are red wine and tequila. “I have my weaknesses,” she says. “I love wine. I don’t think I could ever give it up – red, predominantly. Red wine and tequila – those two things I won’t be able to give up. I had both last night, actually! But, I only drink once or twice a week. I used to drink more regularly, and I’m trying to cut down.” Montag also says excessive drinking may have led to extra, unnecessary face-swelling post-surgery.

9) Her bra size, in case you wanted to know, is… “They’re 32 Es or F, depends on the bra,” she says, with a laugh.

10) Montag and Pratt are in a legal back-and-forth with The Hills‘ producers over a reality show they allegedly pitched.Our Summer is the stolen version of 27 Miles – a show we pitched to the producer of The Hills,” Montag says. “We’re talking to lawyers about that because [they’re] trying to take the whole show without us. 27 Miles is about these Malibu kids living this amazing privileged life but at the same time incorporating new media and social media and how they’re not as naive as kids like them have been in the past. They have Skype and Twitter and these different multimedia aspects of their life that are ingrained in their relationships and their daily life. So that was the main anchors of the show and showing it through their eyes.”

What do you think about Heidi these days?  Sound off in the comments section and let us know!

One response to “Heidi 12.0?

  1. typeandtalk September 9, 2012 at 7:10 am

    she sounds humble for the first time in her life…. minus the Lauren part.

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