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Gabby Douglas. That is All.



The 2012 Summer Olympics USA women’s gymnastics team rose to the challenge, collecting gold metals in the team competition. This year’s olympian team consisted of competitors Gabrielle Douglas, Mc Kayla Maroney, Alexandra Raisman, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber.  The Fab 5 they are indeed.

Impossible is nothing. Gabby also made her mark in history during the 2012 games. She is the first African-American woman to win gold in the individual all-around in the Olympics.  She turned in a nearly flawless performance in every event.

In 1984 Mary Lou Retton won Gold in the individual all-around competition at the Olympics. It wasn’t until 2004 when Carly Patterson finally broke the dry spell and won the gold!   Not long ago, in 2008 we were all cheering when Nastia Liukin continued the good work and became the individual all-around champion. We seem to be on a lucky streak! Hopefully in the 2016 Olympics we can take home the individual all-around gold metal too.

On Friday, August 3, these four all-around champions celebrated their gold metals together.  This quartet was all smiles. Each of them are each other’s biggest fan.

Meanwhile, this is Gabby’s year.  Her hard work has paid off literally.  Her historical performance will make her about $3 million to $10 million richer.  Considering that Gabby’s mother recently filed for bankruptcy, this victory couldn’t have come at a better time, or come to a more deserving family.

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