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Blake vs. Serena



It’s no secret that Blake Lively has stolen our hearts when it comes to fashion; the same can be said for her on-screen character Upper East Side It-Girl, Serena Van Der Woodsen. The question is, who does it better?

Describing her style as being moody, Blake says, “there’s no one thing I would say, because like me, my style is growing and changing.”

She has charmed the likes of Karl Lagerfeld who adored the Gossip Girl starlet so much that he made her the face of Chanel, and the envy of millions, back in 2011.

To feed our green-eyed monsters even more, February 2012 saw Blake’s closet receiving a Christian Louboutin makeover. The shoe designer of all shoe designers sent her his entire spring 2012 collection.          

Her on-screen counterpart Serena, has conquered the fashion world in her own right, rocking a chic yet relaxed look inspired by Kate Moss. Serena fills our screens from week to week in structured, well-cut jackets, sky high boots, couture and each outfit is completed with statement necklaces.

With so much fashion fierceness, how do we pick a favorite wardrobe? Can we have one of each?

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