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Has Heidi Grown Up?



Take a look outside, pigs might be flying…..Heidi Montag seems to have finally grown up! 

The former Hillsie who famously:

  • had a tumultuous relationship with Spencer Pratt
  • then married the guy
  • betrayed former BFF Lauren Conrad by spreading horrible rumors about an alleged sex tape
  • deluded herself into thinking she had a career outside theHills
  • was estranged from her entire family
  • and most famously of all, underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.

Yes, that Heidi Montag is actually sounding like a mature, level-headed individual.  She might still be married to Spencer, but along with reconciling with her mother, also seems to have had a major reality-check in her time away from the reality screens.

Heidi spoke to Celebuzz recently about her plastic surgery procedures, and insists that she’ll never go under the knife again.  Heidi says, “It was a lot more than I could have expected.  I really hate talking about it now because it was so long ago. I was a much different person back then to who I am now. I didn’t realize how much of The Hills — and going through that — would define who I am.”

Heidi goes on to say that she’s grateful her body didn’t become disfigured due to her surgeries, admitting “It could have been really disastrous.”  She adds, “I lived and I learned, and I wouldn’t really recommend it for other people. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be going through it — physically, mentally, emotionally, recovering.  But, I’m just glad it’s done and that everything healed so well.”

When asked about any upcoming projects, Heidi really showed her mature side by not revealing too much, saying it was too early to speak about anything right now. She explains, “I’m really looking forward to the next phase in my life.  I know I’ll never be able to get away from a lot of [my past], but I won’t give up trying to prove I’m more than just that.”

Consider us (almost) speechless!

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