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What’s Missing From the Kardashian Kollection?

Ok, so if you want to buy Kardashian, you can choose from a wide range of products from the Kardashian Kollection– including swimwear, lingerie, shoes, jewelry, women’s clothing, accessories, diet products, nail polish, candles, perfumes, fast food, liquor, skincare and goodies for your homes. We figured that covered just about all the buyable products in the world.

To our surprise, they actually haven’t put their names on everything in the world yet.  What’s missing to complete this wide selection of products? Get excited people… an eyewear line! Yes, the Kardashians did it again, and they have expanded their brand even more by adding stylish pieces for our prescription eye needs. Now you can have Kardashian eyeglasses to match your Kardashian sunglasses.  What more could one want in life?

In the picture above you can see two pieces from their line that will launch on July 18 for Sears Optical.

Would you want your eyeglasses to be designed by the famous sisters?

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