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Want Nails Like Lauren Conrad?



Nail art is HUGE right now!  One of the biggest trends this summer is using one color on the majority of your fingernails, and then making the ring finger stand out by using another color or a tonal design.

Over at Lauren Conrad’s site The Beauty Department, they’re showing you how to achieve this cool herringbone style pictured above.

Lauren’s partner in the site, Kristin Ess, describes how she became inspired to create this mani:

You gotta love those magical moments when you’re just minding your own bizz and inspiration jumps out and smacks you right between the eyes. Not long ago I was looking through floor patterns for a home project. My favorite pattern in the world is called the “herringbone pattern”. While I’m speaking to this flooring guy, all I could think about is making this pattern into a manicure. As he started demonstrating the way it gets laid down, I only saw colorfully painted nail strips. Sorry dude. Eventually I snapped back into floor mode, but it makes me remember that inspiration can come from anywhere at any time and you have to be open-minded to it!

Head to The Beauty Department for a step-by-step guide, complete with photos.

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