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Our favorite girl-crush Emma Stone has scored yet another Vogue cover, this month for British Vogue’s August 2012 cover.

The Amazing Spiderman actress evokes a mid-1960’s mod look in the photoshoot by legendary snapper Patrick Demarchelier and wears Max Mara on the cover.

In the featured interview, Emma talks about anxiety, being in the limelight and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield.  BFF Taylor Swift also weighs in on the talented actress:

On worrying about being thrust too far into the limelight:
“That would be? to not walk around would be awful. I don’t think that that would ever actually happen. Like, that is will ever be to the point where I can’t go anywhere. But that idea makes me physically ill.”

On her crippling youth anxiety sticking with her as she’s gotten older:
“I’ve been following Titanic Real Time on Twitter. They’re sinking in three days. I like all disasters. It’s oddly soothing.”

On co-star/boyfriend Andrew Garfield:
“[I] was surprised to hear [Garfield’s] completely British accent, because on set, obviously, we were speaking in American accents, so in between takes he was pretty American. I had such a great time at the audition with him, and felt like I trusted him and respected him and liked him as an actor.”

Taylor Swift on Emma:
“I admire how original [Emma] is, just being who she is. She doesn’t do anything to be different from everyone else on the planet. Somehow she just is.”

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