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Heidi Montag And Her Mom Are Besties Now

Once in a while Heidi remembers that the media has left her out of the picture. Everytime she comes up with a new plan to regain the lost publicity. So, the current “new” plan consisted of displaying her rekindling relationship with her mom after two very dark years of not speaking to each other. After the ambiguous final episode of theHills,where her mom deplored her new face and body, their relationship has been struggling ever since.

“Heidi and I aren’t speaking to each other right now. I’ve been writing to Heidi, trying to reach her, but she’s not responding,” Darlene Egelhoff told Us Weekly on Mother’s Day in 2010.

Despite all this, long after anyone really cared (and we totally cared about their relationship at one point), we recently saw the mother daughter duo enjoying  a wine tasting at the Demetria Estate in California’s Santa Ynez Valley on Wednesday, June 13. They also treated themselves to Swedish massages.

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