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Confession: while we absolutely adore Britney Spears and admire her for overcoming her troubles, if we could be Britney’s stylist there are certain things we’d change.

It turns out Whitney Port feels the same way!  Speaking to UK magazine More! recently, Whitney shared “I love her so much and want her to succeed, and she has so much potential. Her style choices, as well as her hair and make-up, could do with a little sophistication, and she could also do with a better bra.”

Whitney continued, “She has good, perky boobs but doesn’t make the most of them.”

The Whitney Eve designer has been upping her profile in the UK with her new role as Judge on Britain’s Next Top Model.  Whitney spoke about her latest gig, and being in awe of the show’s host Elle Macpherson, saying, “Meeting Elle was really intimidating. She’s so statuesque and gorgeous in the flesh, and I was like, ‘I’m 20 years younger than you and you look 100 times better than me!’ I was nervous, but she’s so sweet.”

Whitney also used her experience in both the fashion industry and the reality tv industry to settle on a judging style.  She explained,”I definitely tell it like it is. There’s a side to me that people didn’t see on [reality TV shows] The Hills and The City – I have strong opinion and tell the models exactly what’s on my mind. I tried to give constructive criticism in an understanding tone, but I’m sure the girls talked about me behind my back.”

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