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Kristin Loses Her (High) Heels



Former Hills alum, Kristin Cavallari is known nowadays as the prettiest pregnant woman, bringing the most of the so called pregnancy glow to the Hollywood spotlight.

Most of her early pregnancy has reflected a descent style and a sence of fashion, but lately Kristin has been seen without the one piece which makes her look complete. “I’m definitely wearing more ballet flats. I’ll wear heels to dinner. I’ve retired my highest heels for a bit, though!”, mom-to-be told People.

Kristin also revelaed her love for shoes started growing in fifth grade, when she owned a pair of platforms, saying, “I didn’t get really into shoes until I was 18, when I discovered Louboutins.” Years after that, she is now an ambassador for Chinese Laundry and still keeps her passion for shoes going. “I love connecting with my fans on fashion, especially shoes, and this has been the perfect platform,” she added.

Dying to see her shoe line come out this December.

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