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Her True Calling



Victoria Beckham has come a long way in the past 5 or so years.  Going from primarily being known as a former Spice Girl and Footballer’s Wife, Victoria turned her fashion-fortunes around and with that, her reputation too.

Once we thought of Victoria as the sour-faced, over-tanned, tackily-dressed WAG and now we ‘re pretty much in love with Mrs B! Along with the rest of the world, we might add, as Victoria appears on the July 2012 issue of Germany’s Interview magazine.

Mrs Beckham takes part in an uber-cute, uber-stylish photo shoot, and speaks up about the common misconceptions people have had about her:

On not being a miserable person:
“Yes, I created this persona and I’m very different from that. I don’t feel like I have to scream and shout about it – I know I am a happy person. So I don’t get upset when people comment on the fact that I look quite miserable all the time. But people think I am. And you know, sometimes I think the same thing when I look at the pictures.”

On finally finding her calling:
“Was music my talent really? No, I don’t think I was particularly talented. With the other girls, the five of us all really worked together. But talented? I sound a bit odd to myself.”

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