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K-Cav’s Baby Bear Has Started To Move Around Already



Last month, Kristin Cavallari met up with Celebuzz over at the Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Party in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, April 12. The mom-to-be was happy to give us a closer look into her pregnancy and current lifestyle.

You look amazing! Are you enjoying your time being pregnant, or do you want it to be over already?
You know what, I really am loving it! It’s been a really easy pregnancy for me, I’m just extremely lucky and enjoying every moment.

You look incredibly fit despite the fact you’re eating for two. Jessica Simpson has faced a lot of criticism regarding her weight gain. Do you think people are being overly harsh towards her?
Yeah, I mean, it’s easy to sort of let yourself go and just really enjoy it. I am, but I’m also being healthy about it, I’m not just eating crap. You have to be careful what you’re putting in your mouth, because that’s the nutrients you’re giving your baby. You don’t want to just eat macaroni and cheese or whatever, so you just have to find a healthy balance. I mean, I’m definitely enjoying it, but I’m not going overboard. At the same time, you are pregnant so you might as well have fun and live it up! When else can you just let yourself go?

What specifically are you doing to stay in shape?
I’m switching it up between yoga and light weights. I’m also trying to walk a lot.

Have you had any weird cravings?
Not really, except the first couple months I was craving dairy.

How has Jay been handling everything?
He’s great, he’s so sweet and so excited. He’s been wanting kids forever, so he couldn’t be happier. He’s been great.

Last time we talked you said you weren’t in a rush to plan the wedding. Do you still feel that way?
Yeah, I mean we’re talking about it a little bit, but for the most part it’s still put on hold. Still not feeling rushed, or trying on dresses!

What about your living situation leading up the baby– are you really leaving Hollywood?
Pretty much! I’ll be in Chicago. I’m posting up shop there for the next few months. I’ll be back to LA a couple times, but that’s pretty much it.

Now that Kristin spends more (and more) time in Chicago we don’t get to see her fabulous pregnancy glow too often. Luckily for us, she stays active on Twitter so we can practically keep up with her most of the time. Just like recently, when Kristin tweeted about her baby starting to move around in her stomach for the first time.

Another highlight for her fans was when she revealed about having meetings for her upcoming jewelry line so soon after announcing it, in the latest Glamoholic magazine.

Looks like Chicago isn’t keeping Kristin away from business in good old L.A…

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