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Is This Lindsay Mark II?


Fast taking over from Lindsay Lohan as Young Hollywood’s biggest hot mess, Amanda Bynes is in trouble again.  One month after getting arrested for a DOI and side-swiping a police car, Amanda reportedly side-swiped another car on Friday, May 4, with her black Range Rover in Los Angeles and continued to drive away.

According to the police, Amanda may not even know she hit the other car. Los Angeles Police Officer Sargent Ben Zucker spoke to People magazine about the incident, saying, “At 4:25 p.m., we were notified of a possible hit-and-run.” He added, “the caller followed Miss Bynes for a short distance to a gas station.  It turned out the damage to the pick-up truck was so minor that it was very plausible she had no idea that she hit anyone.”

Luckily for Amanda, she walked away from the incident with no charges, and the LAPD report that there was no indication this time that the actress was intoxicated.

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