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The Latecomer




Lindsay Lohan is currently filming her first role since her probation ended, a guest role on Glee as a Judge at Nationals.

The formerly-troubled star looked pretty fantastic; we must say we approve of Lindsay’s return to her redhead roots.  On Wednesday, April 25, she wore a black and white printed maxi dress and a pair of black oversize sunglasses. 

Lindsay also showed us she isn’t completely vice-free, by the cigarette in her hand.  There was also an issue with Lindsay’s time-keeping, as co-star Dot Marie Jones tweeted on the day, “Gonna be a long day!! Some ppl show up late and just throw a wrench in things. Not cool! I’d rather be an hour early (I was) than 5 minutes late!”  Dot later deleted the tweet.

It’s not exactly Lindsay’s first time being late to set; her Georgia Rule Director Garry Marshall famously penned a leaked memo pertaining to the matter.  He spoke to Entertainment Tonight recently about the incident, saying  “Lindsay was having some trouble in her life and getting to the set. She said [of the memo], ‘It’s all over, what should I do?’ I said, ‘What we’re doing is making a movie, so the first thing you need to do is say something apologetic to the crew and the other actors,’ and she made a beautiful speech to everybody there.”

Garry added, “We got along well, and I wish her the best — and she’s coming back. I think. I hope.”

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