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Lauren Has The Skinny On Eating Right



Photographs of Lauren Conrad taking in day 3 of Coachella have emerged. Lauren was joined by her antithesis friend as they strode through the festival on Sunday, April 15.

Meanwhile, Lauren joined in some girl talk with Lea Michele at the Lacoste L!ve pool party. Celebuzz asked the girls their secrets on maintaining their slim figures and they were only too happy to reveal all. “Read Skinny Bitch!” Lauren insisted. “Oh my god,” Lea interjected. “Give me a high-five. Didn’t it change your life?!”

“It scared the s–t out of me!” Lauren told Lea. “Everything you eat you’re like, ‘Oh, God I know what’s in that now.’ It’s just informing you about what’s in your food.”

“Exactly,” added Lea. “When you read the book, you’re like ‘Oh, it’s just going to be all about being skinny,’ but it’s not at all. What I love about the book is that it’s just the hard core truth. Seriously, it changed my life.”

It doesn’t get much more candid than this! Or it’s a nicely disguised piece of PR.

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