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Baby Makes Three



Tuesday, March 20, was the day that Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie welcomed their new baby son into their budding family.

Luca Cruz is the talk of Hilary’s Twitter page, Instagram and now her interview with Parade magazine. The new mom opens up in the interview about her new pride and joy, choosing his name, motherhood and marriage and her husband Mike.

“I felt my heart grew the second I met him.  You feel so protective right away. You feel loving and nurturing right away. Everybody always talks about it, about how you don’t know love until you meet your baby, and you really feel that. There are no words.”

According to the Hilary, there is no sentimental meaning behind Luca’s name, “We just liked the way it sounded together.”

Hilary may have her hands full with her new baby but that doesn’t mean she has let other things slide. She’s still finding time for herself, hitting up the hair salon and the gym on a regular basis. She is an expert at multi-tasking after all; before balancing motherhood, being a wife and looking after herself, Hilary was juggling a music and an acting career.

Something tells us she will be back in the Hollywood game in no time.  For now though, she’ll be swapping movie premieres for diapers!

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