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Glamourless Make-Under



26 year old reality star Audrina Patridge  gets really real in her bare makeunder photoshoot with xojane.comThe ‘glamourless’ shoot took place at Pier 59 Studios in Santa Monica.

Ditching her self confessed 45 minute makeup routine and 2 hour hair routine, Audrina went back to basics for this incredible makeunder. We have a confession of our own. Audrina should permanently ditch the thirty products she normally relies for her hair and makeup look.

Xojane.com revealed her amazing make under took about 13 minutes using only 6 products. Audrina’s makeup artist Spencer Barnes of Solo Artists/NARS said I’ll use twenty to thirty products: several eye shadows, three or four brushes, a highlighter, concealer, foundation, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, powder, lashes…and so on…”

Audrina says of her make under, “I was going in not really knowing what to expect. But I was super happy with the results. It was that whole ‘90’s grunge rocker look that I absolutely loved. Sometimes I don’t just go for it and I’m super-safe so it was nice to let loose and put things together and embrace it.”

Audrina’s look for the photo-shoot proved that less really is more.

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