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Alexa Goes Green



Vogue UK have taken an ethical turn in their April 2012 issue. They have filled six pages with ethical issues and Alexa Chung is the poster girl for the female army that has banded together to highlight the importance of how and where all those coveted garments are made.

Alexa says she is not proclaiming herself a green goddess of any sort but that she is more conscious than ever about substantial, long-lasting shopping.

In her interview with the UK magazine she talks about the “appalling conditions” in the factories where our clothes are made and how she believes the solution is to “to buy less, choose more thoughtfully”. The problem is, just like Alexa, a girl’s passion is her fashion! However, the magazine issue does highlight the issue well and we will definitely be taking a leaf out of Alexa’s book and exercising more caution on our next spree.

She still manages to look every bit the style icon in her white organic cotton shirt tucked into red jacquard fair-trade shorts.  Being ethically conscious has never looked so good.

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