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9021-Oh My God!



We were interested when news broke about Shenae Grimes starting a daily blog of her own outfits! The 90210 starlet took to her personal blog saying, “I’m going to be uploading pics of my every day outfits for those interested, if you have any questions or comments about styles you see, would looove to hear your feedback and give any answers or tips I can come up with so please feel free!”

Known for her quirky and interesting street style, Shenae has followed in the heels of Lauren Conrad and transformed her personal blog into a place to show off her daily outfits!  You may not love Shenae’s every outfit, but you will definitely have an opinion on them.

She has only just begun to post outfit photos but we are already excited. Her looks so far have ranged from a simple grey crew neck and jeans to a 90’s inspired ensemble of an acid-wash jacket over a floral maxi skirt. Shenae says of the 90’s look, “A girl just wants to channel her inner Kelly Kapowski sometimes!”

Watch this closet space!

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