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Another Side Of The Perfect Couple


Olivia Palermo was an interesting “character” on theCity.  Easily fitting into the “bitch” role amongst the pretty young things in Whitney’s New York City life, Olivia always looked immaculate, but often came off looking petty and slightly pathetic with her attempts at climbing the ladder within the fashion world.

Since the show ended, Olivia has become mostly seen and not heard, so it’s been easy for us, and indeed most of the European fashion-scene-makers, to fall for this edited, picture perfect version.

Last week British newspaper Evening Standard interviewed Olivia and long-time love Johannes for their ES section.  The journalist asks, “What does she actually do? Well, she gets dressed in the morning and that is enough when you are this thin and this famous.”  She describes Olivia as a phenomenon and explains how it can be “thrilling to meet a phenomenon….to put a personality to a face that has become part of life’s wallpaper. To observe and dissect and appreciate what has sent the entire world into a spin. And Olivia Palermo is today’s big fashion news. Every day.”

Before any Olivia fans get too excited however, the ES journalist puts things firmly in place by saying that when the time comes for her to meet with Olivia, things are “less thrilling.”  She goes on to describe how beautiful Olivia looks, but that “she doesn’t want to start talking until her agent arrives to tell me that she will only talk about her latest projects, namely her new blog. She does not want to talk about the past. Or the future. She also does not want to tell me that she doesn’t want to talk about the past or the future. She wants someone else to tell me that.”

As they wait for Olivia’s agent to arrive, things seem tense.  The ES journalist comments, “At very nearly 26, she is without a doubt the most patronising person I have ever attempted to interview.”

Things turn to Johannes, who speaks about his love for photography, and that he likes both fashion and ‘arty’ photos.  When the journalist jokes that the ‘arty’ photos sound like porn, Johannes bristles.  “At this, he gets quite German and clipped saying, ‘I take serious pictures and galleries have already asked me to show them.’ Jokes about porn are clearly way, way off brand.”

Olivia herself has never been shy about talking up her brand, so none of this is news, it just seems a little sad.  The glamorous couple who stare lovingly into each other’s eyes and back at us from yet another fashion campaign both seem a little uptight and robotic in this interview. 

The ES journalist does admit to thinking that  “off duty she is potentially adorable. The problem with a life like hers is that off duty can be absorbed into a blanket on-duty existence.”  And that really hits the nail on the head; Olivia does seem like she’s on-show at all times.  She may look amazing, but what a tiring way to live!

To read the article in its entirety, click here.




One response to “Another Side Of The Perfect Couple

  1. typeandtalk March 16, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    Not surprised at this. She’s beyond all levels of high maintenance! I can’t help but look at her though. Probably best she never speaks.

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