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Player Of The Year?


Ah, Ray J.  What a class act he’s turned out to be.  Not only did Brandy’s brother leaked the sex tape of himself and ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian to the world, but now he’s written a book about their affair.

This masterpiece is entitled Death of a Cheating Man: What Every Woman Must Know About Men Who Stray, and Ray J writes about his relationship with a “KK”.  It’s not exactly hard to work out that “KK” is Kim, especially when you realize that the dates of their relationship match up with the one he’s talking about in the book.

Ray J writes, “[KK] let me know she wanted to get with me. She left her husband for me as soon as we started having sex.”  He goes on to describe her seduction secrets, saying she greeted him “with hot towels and toothpaste on his toothbrush in the morning and providing sexy lingerie fashion shows at night.”

The singer goes on to describe their sex life, sharing, “We were like animals; sexually free to try anything, and we did. For years KK and I had a great sex life.  There was more to our relationship, but the majority of it was about our wild and extreme sexual chemistry. She was a straight freak who was down to do whatever, whenever and that seriously hypnotized me.”

Apparently things turned sour for Ray and “KK” because of cheating and jealousy.  He writes, “She wanted to know where I was at all times. She literally thought I was cheating with every girl I ran across.” Turns out, he was in fact cheating on “KK”, because as Ray states, “I had no respect for her.”

No matter if any of this is true, it honestly makes Ray J look like a giant sleaze.  He may see himself as a player or some kind of hero with women, but he just comes across as a pathetic man trying to make money of his more famous ex.

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