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Anything But Silent




Elizabeth Olsen was in New York this week to publicize her new movie, Silent House, which premiered at AMC Loews Lincoln Square theater on Tuesday, March 6.

In Silent House, Elizabeth’s character becomes trapped inside her family’s lakeside retreat.  She is unable to contact the outside world as things become increasingly “ominous in and around the house.”

To the premiere on Tuesday, Elizabeth wore a slinky black maxi dress and a gold, beaded kimono.  She wore her hair down and slightly wavy and accessorized with a sky blue envelope clutch.

The youngest Olsen sister’s career may be on the rise, but she insists she misses audtioning for roles.  In a recent interview with Buzzlinefilm, Elizabeth said, “I love auditioning. I’ve always liked it. It’s so funny — now I don’t really audition. You have meetings and I’m like, ‘I’ll read for you. Do you want me to read for you?’ Because I like it. I think it’s an important part of the process where you get to say, ‘This is what I’ve thought. Do you jive with it?”

Speaking further about her career and continued opportunities, Elizabeth shared, “I want to do everything because I’ve never been in a position like this before, so it’s really exciting. So I’m doing a small part in this Allen Ginsberg movie, ‘Kill Your Darlings’. I’m in four scenes. I can’t wait to work on it. So that’s cool. Then I get to do a movie with Glenn Close for three months of my life, and I’m very excited to do that, and that’s a period piece.”

Silent House opens on Friday, March 9.

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