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Something Worth Fighting For


Actress Sophia Bush has proved that fundraising campaigns and celebrity support is one good combination. She is officially the Mozilla Firefox Challenge winner.

“I’m excited to be a part of this Mozilla Firefox Challenge because I really want to win the $25,000 for FCancer,”, Sophia announced when she first signed on for the challenge. She is competitive, and made it clear she was going to be a good contestant. “I really believe in what they are doing but I also want to win it just to have the glorious victory over Jason Bateman and David Blaine. They are going down.”

Sophia fights for the FCancer charity because the cause is one of the only charities that focuses on showing patients how to detect early signs of the killer disease.

Besides Sophia there were eleven other celebrities each representing non-profit organizations, signing up and competing for a grand prize $25,000 donation. The fundraiser that earns the most money on CrownRise would be crowned the winner on January 11, 2012. Sophia was happy to surpass the goal of $45,000 that she set for herself before the competition started.

When it got closer to deadline, Sophia decided to take a turn. On her CrowdRise.com portal she posted, “Anyone that (sic) raises $500 or more from January 10th 6pm eastern to January 11th 11:59pm will get a phone call from me! Let’s win this thing!”, which she also  Tweeted to her half a million followers.

The One Tree Hill star has raised over $117,000 for FCancer.

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