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One Alexa Chung Wardrobe To Go, Please!



This just in: 28 year old British TV presenter and all round fashion icon, Alexa Chunghas been crowned as the UK’s newest style ambassador! Following in the fashionable heels of those gone before her, Laura Bailey and Poppy DelvingneAlexa has been graced with the title thanks to her quirky, yet classic and always eye-catching style! 

Alexa describes her style as being “a mix between a 10 year old boy and a grandma”. Now, that doesn’t actually sound too appealing at all and yet, she gets it right every time and everyone wants what she’s got!

Of her new title given to her by the British Fashion Council, Alexa says, “I adore fashion and am proud that it’s now officially my job to champion those London designers – both new and established – that inspire me so much.” The BFC says that it is their hope that Alexa will “promote British fashion design talent to a global market.”

No need to convince us, Alexa is already a star whose style we want to steal!

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