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Nicole Richie Conquers QVC



Here’s lookin’ at Nicole Richie! The style sensation and designer is adding to the red carpet long list of  reasons to love her. Mark your calendars everyone because Friday, February 24 is the day Nicole launches her collection for QVC!

Like the others who have gone before her, Rachel ZoeKris Jenner and Heidi Klum, Nicole designs are fashion forward yet affordable.  Her brightly colored dresses, bold prints, kimono jackets and handbags are said to retail from $75-$257.

Nicole says,  “I want to connect with the women watching by letting them know that we are similar in many ways; I’m a mother of two and I work. We all want to feel relaxed on the inside but stylish on the outside. And that’s what I’m trying to provide.”

To add hyperactivity to excitement, the launch of her collection will closely coincide with the premiere of her new show for NBC, Fashion Star onTuesday, March 13.

Look out Rachel Zoe, Nicole is gaining on you!


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