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Whitney is a Bag of Nerves Ahead of New York Fashion Week Debut


Whitney Port has admitted to People that she is “pretty nervous” ahead of her Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week debut. However, her family will be in attendance providing some much needed moral support, she shares, “My parents are here, my sister and my brother are here, another sister’s coming. They’re here to support.”

Whitney confessed there is alot riding on this show as she wants critics to believe she is a ‘real’ fashion designer. “I want to show people I’m really in this to create a great fashion line,” she said. “There’s this thought that people on TV just put their names on lines and it’s not something they’re passionate about. For me, I’ve always wanted to do this, since day one. Being on TV was just this added thing that I kind of fell into.”

The fall 2012 line for Whitney Eve was inspired by a kaleidoscope Whitney found in her grandmother’s home. “I was looking at it, and was inspired by the prints and colors. But it’s also based on what kind of girl I feel like I’ve grown to be the past couple years,” she explained.

Rather surprisingly, Whitney has left preparing for the fashion show to the very last minute. “I started organizing this maybe a month and a half ago,” she confessed. “The collection that I was doing was already being done, because obviously I’d do it anyway, but we decided pretty last minute we wanted to be part of Fashion Week.” For the past couple of days she has been fitting models, selecting play lists, approving hair, makeup and nail decisions.

What does Whitney have in mind for the future of Whitney Eve? “I’d love to see more girls wearing it on the street,” she revealed.

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