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Audrina has the Curve Appeal


Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge has joined Kevin Zegers as the new faces of Curve Appeal. The fragrance is available in two distinct scents for men and women. Curve Appeal for women is described as, “A sensual cocktail of forbidden apple and exotic jasmine blended with warm amber and vanilla, this scent is undeniably sexy and deliciously chic.”

One response to “Audrina has the Curve Appeal

  1. JennySt February 8, 2012 at 8:33 pm

    Reality TV personality Audrina Patridge really threw Elizabeth Arden a “curve”. Audrina WOULD HAVE been the perfect brand ambassador for “Curve Appeal” if she still had her once signature curves from “The Hills” years. However, the drastic reduction procedure she went through in 2011, left her flattened, sagging and totally removed Audrina’s impressive cleavage and curves. It’s sad because Audrina was unique in Hollywood for being slender and toned yet with amazing cleavage and curves. Her “Curve Appeal” WAS undeniable. But no more, it’s all gone. Now they have to air brush the cleavage in. At the very least someone should convince Audrina to wear a good push-up bra to give her some hint of shape. She desperately needs the lift and support to offset the post reduction sagging. Just look at the Valentine video to see proof. She’s cute (except in that Valentine video, ewwww what the “Revenge” stylists have done to Audrina) though her curve appeal is gone!

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