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Kim Kardashian’s Divorce to be Televised


If you thought Kim Kardashian’s wedding was over-hyped, you’ll want to stay away from the television again this summer. Her divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries are likely to be televised, according to sources at Hollywood Life. This is because California has an open policy on popular court cases, as highlighted by the OJ Simpson and Lindsay Lohan cases, respectively.

It looks like the case will be dragged out as “there are no divorce settlement talks going on,” a source close to Kris confessed. He wants to annul the marriage based on the claim of fraud. “Kim had no intention to stay married to him and she just got married to make money,” the source continued. “He and his team wouldn’t go forward if they didn’t believe that they could prove this [in court.]”

As a result, the Kardashian family will be summoned to testify about the validity of Kim and Kris’ marriage meaning the trial is likely to go on for weeks, says family attorney Vikki Zeigler.

What a sorry mess.

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