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Spencer Extends Olive Branch to Lauren


The last time Spencer Pratt tried to make amends with Lauren Conrad it was all for show, quite literally. However, Spencer made a more sincere attempt at an apology by sending Lauren a tweet on her 26th birthday. Spencer tweeted, “@LaurenConrad Happy Birthday! Thanks for helping me find my miracle wife @heidimontag !” He added, “My birthday wish for @LaurenConrad is for her to find true love like #Speidi”

Spencer was inundated with messages about the sincerity of his message so he responded to his critics, tweeting, “I wasn’t being sarcastic! I really do wish the best for Lauren Conrad on her birthday! #forgiveandforget.”

Lauren hasn’t responded to Spencer’s messages, at least not through Twitter. A source close to Lauren told Us Weekly, “Lauren loves using Twitter to interact with her fans and promote her brands,” the source explained, “but obviously she doesn’t think it’s an effective way to apologize or try to mend bridges.”

Meanwhile, Lauren was spotted arriving at LAX airport on Thursday, February 2. Lauren sipped an iced drink as she prepared to jet out of Los Angeles.

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