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The Jersey Shore Girls Are Here To Whip Your Butt Into Shape


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Snooki has been looking hot lately and she’s not afraid to admit it. Snooki was joined by JWoww and Deena at Access Hollywood Live on Monday, January 9. Health and fitness was the topic of the day and the girls were candid about their gym and eating habits.

Snooki spoke about her weightloss, admitting, “I decided to get fit again. I’ve always been very athletic so getting back into it feels good.” Snooki revealed that she’s lost “over 20 pounds.” “[I weigh] like 102,” she added. “I want to be like a hundred steady, but 102 is great.”

Deena joked, “I called her Slim Jim today.”

JWoww also talked about her own health kick, she confessed, “Recently, I quit smoking and caffeine. For a couple weeks.” She cited her boyfriend Roger Williams as her inspiration to drop the bad habits. “He helped me quit smoking. That’s his thing. Fitness, health, having fun,” she continued. “He kind of gave up [convincing me to quit] and then looking at him giving up I was kind of sad, I was like, ‘Oh, he’s not pressuring me anymore.’”

Kicking the addictive vices isn’t any good if you don’t keep fit too. JWoww revealed that she keeps fit with a combination of “hot yoga and something similar to CrossFit.”

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