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‘Tis The Season


People/Gossip Center/Pacific Coast News Online

It’s almost Christmas which means it’s time to spread good cheer and all that jolly stuff.  So, Lauren Conrad has managed to escape the salacious rumors that are plaguing her fellow reality kounterparts, and is doing some good this Christmas.

Lauren was at Kohl’s recently to do some shopping. She brought along four teens who have been hospitalized at the Los Angeles Children’s hospital.

In the video posted online at People.com, Lauren says, “It’s really nice to be able to give back.  The feeling of giving a really good gift is so amazing … I can’t imagine getting a gift and feeling this way, especially with something like this.”

Lauren presented each girl with a $500 gift certificate, a stocking packed with beauty products and accessories, and spent the day with them.  So, they effectively got a day with a celebrity, a built in stylist who just so happens to be the designer, and lots of free swag.

Lauren has also been busy working on her latest collaboration.  The fashionista recently announced plans to team with BlueAvocado to accelerate their green line.  “For me, the BlueAvocado partnership represents a synergy of things I love to do — design great products, enable women to realize their dreams, and inspire thoughtful action. Once you realize the responsibility we have to improve our environment in our lifetime, you feel compelled to act with urgency. BlueAvocado provides a canvas for me to invite change,” Lauren offered in a very eloquently written statement.

BlueAvocado’s CEO Amy George is equally excited with their newest investor, adding, “Design with conscious intention is at the center of the sustainability movement. Lauren Conrad represents a designer willing to employ her talents and celebrity to invite collective action for the common good. Lauren is a powerhouse. We are honored to have her as part of our BlueAvocado team, tapping a new generation to create impact that will outlast us all.”

Hope you’re not tired yet, because Lauren’s projects continue.  She recently tweeted about the photo shoot for her Lauren Conrad Beauty book.  “Excited to shoot my beauty book in my 20’s!,” she wrote.  The book is a follow up to Lauren Conrad Style and is due out next year.
Between her good deeds and hard work, Lauren managed to squeeze in some partying like any responsible single girl should.  Lauren choose LA nightclub Trousdale this weekend, Saturday, December 3.  She wore black shorts, black tights, black heels, and a black blazer.  She paired this with a black top, and black chanel bag.  Alas, a pop of color in the form of her ruby red lipstick.

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