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Audrina’s Sticking to Her Story That LC Hooked Up with Justin Bobby

Audrina tried her hardest to make the rumor that Lauren Conrad hooked up with Justin Bobby work, back in theHills days. But Lauren denied it.  Justin denied it.  And no one believed it.  After it was revealed how fake theHills was, no one even considered it.

But Audrina says it definitely happened.  “They did! You don’t even know… There’s so much more that no one really knows about,” she told Yahoo!.  Back when the rumor was just dying down, Audrina said she believed that nothing really happened.

“They really did! I wouldn’t have overreacted,” she says, pausing for lunch in the middle of a whirwind media tour to promote her new VH1 series Audrina. “I’m not going to get into it now because it’s old news and I really don’t care. But that was the biggest ‘friend’ drama I’d ever went through.”

We actually think Audrina should go into it.  Bringing up this rumor was probably not a great move for her.  It was her worse moment on theHills by far, and we’ve received tons of comments indicating that this was the moment when people left their Audrina fandom days behind.

Let’s just assume Audrina is telling the truth, because really what do we know?  If theHills producers manipulated her to lie and pretend like nothing happened, why did she agree?  It so obviously created a negative perception of her.  That’s why we’re surprised she’s even bringing it up just before the launch of her new show which brings a fresh start.

Perhaps Audrina is just super confident in her new project.  And with good reason.  She’s received great opportunities since theHills ended.  She doesn’t plan on stopping because she counts Jessica Simpson as her MTV reality star turned business woman role model.

Audrina does credit theHills for one thing, saying, “Thanks to The Hills, I have much thicker skin.”  She may need it on her new series since she’s vowed to make everything fair game.

“I really wanted the show to be whatever was going on in my life at that moment. I don’t want the show to be something I need to make up or make interesting. I didn’t want to create scenes,” she says. “I wanted it to work like, ‘Here’s what’s going on, let’s bring the cameras and film and see what happens’ — and that’s what it was.”

Her series wasn’t always a go.  Audrina actually had an experience similar to Lauren Conrad’s with her former network, MTV.  “It was fifth season, and I was done. I was out of my contract! But the producers were like, ‘Please Audrina, we need you to do one more,” Audrina says. “I just thought there was nothing left to film. Nothing real was going on. No one wanted to fight anymore. Everyone had dated everyone else. But I did it, and I thought that meant we were picked up, but I guess they changed their minds.”

News of Audrina’s new show getting picked up hit almost immediately after her mom, Lynn’s rant against her former Hills cast members.  But VH1 President of Programming Jeff Olde said they had already planned to green light the series.  But let’s be honest, it didn’t hurt matters, either.

“That’s just Lynn,” Jeff Olde says. “She’s an authentic character and that’s what we look for. She’s unapologetic, unfiltered and has strong opinions. I mean, she’s loud, but also winning because she’s fiercely protective of her kids. That part is universally relatable.”

But the family is more than just Lynn’s mouth.  They go to church too.  “One thing you’ve got to realize about Audrina’s family is that they’re a family of faith,” he says. “They eat together, they go to church together. They have their rifts like any family, and in the end they support each other. That’s very America, I think… But there’s a lot of drama, yeah. It’s like a family sitcom slash drama.”

The family patriarch, Mark Patridge, CEO of Patridge Motors, is more reserved, but admitted that the benefit to doing the show was the ability to spend more time with their whole family.  Audrina hopes her outspoken mom and sister, Casey, 24, who often conflict, can take an objective look at themselves.

“I learned about all my bad habits from watching The Hills,” Audrina says. “I’m hoping my mom and sister will see how they sound and act toward each other from watching this.”

To read the original interview, click here.

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