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Rumor: Kendra and Jessica Hall?

There’s a new trouble in paradise rumor every time you turn on the TV or glance at the magazines in the grocery store.  Are Kendra and Hank over for real this time?  That’s what a lot of onlookers may have been asking themselves when Kendra was reportedly making out with Jessica Hall in Las Vegas at MGM Casino’s Wet Republic.

A source has been talking to InTouch magazine, saying, “After a bunch of drinks, Kendra and Jessica really started getting crazy.  She looked thrilled to be letting loose without her man in town.”  We hardly thinks this means Kendra was stepping out on her man.  This isn’t the first time a playmate has locked lips with another playmate.

We do know that Kendra flew to Vegas on a girls’ trip on Saturday, March 26.  Her husband Hank was also missing from her Dancing With The Stars results show on Tuesday, March 29.

People are insinuating a breakup because Hank was angry at Kendra for her wild weekend and girl-on-girl action.

Jessica is Jayde Nicole’s BFF btw, and also the Playboy Playmate sister of Stacie ‘the bartender’ Hall, from theHills. Onlookers have said that Jessica and Kendra enjoyed an “intense tongue-sucking session and endless Jameson shots.”

It could just be people trying to make trouble and create drama where there is none.  But with Kendra and Hank’s names always popping up in breakup rumors, plus reports that they were having even more fights before the premiere of DWTS, this rumor may eventually materialize.

An insider spoke to Intouch about the marriage, saying, “They just keep dragging on the misery.  Sometimes, it seems like it would be best to end it.”

Jessica Hall is due to star in the upcoming season of Kendra. Hank isn’t.  Jess has also been very supportive of her friend’s career, showing up to many DWTS tapings, and has even had Kendra’s brother as a guest on her radio show.

Even if the girls’ relationship is purely friendship, could this friendly support be the wedge that does break up Hank and Kendra? Hopefully not.

This is when young Hollywood couples should take notes from Olivia and Johannes whose relationship is never in the press.

One response to “Rumor: Kendra and Jessica Hall?

  1. Jessica April 9, 2011 at 9:29 am

    Seriously? I really hope your not going to believe In Touch!? Just because Hank wasn’t at Wet Republic & one results show doesn’t mean anything! He was probably at home watching the baby when she was in Vegas and he was at Dancing with the Stars this past week to watch her and they all went out to dinner afterwards! Someone is always trying to say they are breaking up, that rumor hits the tabloids like once a month!

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