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Self-Awareness: Khloe Knows Her Baby Voice is Annoying

More from Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom ahead of their upcoming reality show.  In their promotional interview on E! they revealed five more personal and deeply unforgettable (trust us, we’ve tried!) facts.  Read on at your own peril …

1. Why Khloé Wants a Son Someday: “I do want a boy because there’s just less worries. Why do I want to worry about my daughter boning someone? Boys can bone whoever and you’re fine. My little sisters, I have sex talks with them all the time. I tell them about all STDs to scare them,” she says before (sorta) clarifying that there’s no baby bumpin’ going on just yet. “There’s a possibility. I could be pregnant. Like, I’m not doing anything not to get pregnant, but I don’t know if I am at this moment.”

2. Their Q!uickie Marriage: “I’ve never been the girl to say I’m in love…I barely wanted to claim people as my boyfriends. Just love ’em and leave ’em and be done,” Khloé points out. “But when I met Lamar, we spent so much time together…and told each other the craziest secrets. I felt like I could be with this person everyday for the rest of my life.”

3. What About Khloé Drives Lamar Crazy (and Not in a Good Way): “She won’t stop talking,” he says. “She talks a lot and she rambles.”

4. Of Course, This Probably Doesn’t Help Things: “I hate my baby voice! With a passion I hate it. And I know that I’m doing it. I don’t know why I can’t smack myself and stop,” admits Khloé, who also reveals that her pet name for her main squeeze is…wait for it…Lam Lam!

5. But This Probably Makes Up for It: ” I love sex!” exclaims Khloé. “And, Lamar, he is Mr. Kinkster.”

Yep. The more you know.

For a lady who seems to lack self-awareness most of the time when it comes to embarrassing the people she loves, Khloe actually realizes how annoying her baby voice is to the rest of the adult world. The only way to stop is to get Lamar and his teammates to sit on Khloe for an extended period of time whenever she scrunches her face and raises her voice up a couple of octaves.

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