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Lauren Can Stop Buying Good Shoes Now


We can all stop buying good shoes now.  It’s time to pull out the ratty shoes you never wanted anyone to see, because now, they don’t have to see them.  With the new five-inch-too-long jeans, you can now look fashionable while wearing any shoes because the jeans totally engulf them.

Lauren Conrad was the latest to embrace the trend.  Lauren was spotted with friend and Paper Crown partner Maura McManis walking to Lauren’s Benz in West Hollywood, today, Friday, March 4.  The outfit is cute.  We love the peach top and we’re thrilled that the light wash of jeans is coming back.  But the super long jeans we just can’t get behind.  We love shoes too much.  But once the stores are flooded with these jeans we’ll have no choice, we all have no choice.

How is this jean trend going to work with the super high heel trend?  Expect to see a lot of women on the floor.

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