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Kristin Has Even More Secrets From theHills and Laguna Beach

In a recent interview, Kristin Cavallari recently talked about her primetime sitcom acting debut on The Middle, what inspired her to pursue producing, the drug rumors from theHills and her advice for people who are auditioning for a reality show.

FC: Tell me about your character on “The Middle.”
KC: I play Mrs. Devereaux, who is Axl’s (Charlie McDermott) biology teacher. Axl’s Patricia Heaton’s son on the show. He’s in a band. They want to film a music video and they need a hot girl for it so they decide to ask their biology teacher. But when they approach me, I think that women in music videos are just put in a terrible light and say no. So they go about it a different way. They try filming me during class on their flip phones without me knowing.

FC: Were there any funny moments when you were shooting the episode?
KC: One scene I had to do jumping jacks because I’m the biology teacher and I’m explaining about heart rates. So I’m doing jumping jacks and the boys are filming me on their flip phone. Doing something like that in front of a whole camera crew was kind of embarrassing.

FC: Are you aggressively pursuing acting right now?
KC: I’m not pursuing it aggressively. I haven’t gone out on a lot of auditions because I’m focusing on producing reality TV shows. There’s one show in particular I’m working on, but we’re about to do the press release, so I can’t tell you about it quite yet.

FC: What inspired you to move into producing?
KC: Well, being on a reality show for a few years, I think I know a thing or two about reality. I like being able to be in charge of everything and putting everything together. I’m working with someone I worked with before. We went out and shot a sizzle reel. We put some girls on tape for it. Then we brought it into this production company we just signed with. Now we’re developing the whole thing. I really enjoyed having a say in what happened and being behind the camera and helping out in that way. It will be nice to be out of the spotlight a little bit too, to be honest.

FC: You were not always portrayed in the most positive light on “The Hills.” You were supposedly partying too hard and using drugs. Are you concerned that damaged your reputation?
KC: They told me they weren’t going to do any of that stuff. Basically, all that was to get ratings. I was on the cover of Us Weekly saying I need to go to rehab and that my parents wanted me to go to rehab. Both of my parents were like, “Oh, really? Why don’t they call me.” It said that I wasn’t showering. It was so unbelievable. It came and went because obviously I didn’t have a problem whatsoever. But that really pissed me off because MTV did that and there was one producer in particular who was behind all that. So that was really, really hard actually. That was one of the hardest things I ever had to go through. I’m so over it by now. But everything else, I was a willing participant. I didn’t hang out with those people. I had all my friends that were never filmed. It was work three days a week. We’d go to work, do three scenes a day, change, do another scene, and then you leave and you have your other life, your private life.

FC: Can you give me an example of the producers being shady?
KC: The first season of “The Hills” they had Justin and I dating on the show. Justin wouldn’t want to come film sometimes because he didn’t think that I really liked him. So the producers would have me text him, “No Justin, I really want you to come.” But I was game for it.  Stephen [Coletti] was my boyfriend on “Laguna Beach.” They would be, like [to him], “We just want to get you coming up to Lauren’s house, but we’re not going to make it seem like you guys are dating.” They’d have him bring her flowers. All that stuff.

It’s interesting to see the trickery began during Laguna Beach days.  But it must have sucked for Lauren who was really into Kristin’s boyfriend, Stephen Colleti, that he was partially courting her under the producers’ demands.  Or perhaps Lauren was in on the whole joke too and the famous love triangle that started this all was entirely a big fake from the get-go.

On theHills, we all caught onto the fakery. Although the subtle things like different nail polish tipped us off that there were multiple takes for the same scene, when Kristin started dating Justin, it became apparent that the show as one step from having a script.  But we’re happy to have Kristin confirm that she still seems to be the Kristin of old.  She was able to turn the tables on Justin who made Audrina chase him for years.  But we don’t blame Justin for not wanting to film fake romance scenes with someone who had no interest in him.  He’s clearly not into this Hollywood thing.

Now when is Kristin writing that tell all book?  We’re up for hearing more secrets.

You can read the full interview here!

2 responses to “Kristin Has Even More Secrets From theHills and Laguna Beach

  1. Alicia J Pearson March 3, 2011 at 10:24 pm

    But the kissing and the stripper club scene in Vegas sure looked real enough…you mean that was fake too? I think it was Season 5 (the Hills) the next to last episode. That cell phone call Kristin made from the balcony outside of the bar showed a real sensitive “touching” side of a Kristin being really vulnerable and a little sad and frankly she seemed all alone in a crowd of people…. 😦 I was touched in a number of ways and that’s why I write this now. If this is all just acting, man she is good. This scene haunts me to this day because it represents and shows exactly what is happening today in people’s real lives (i.e. wanting and NOT getting what you want or desire).

    Her sharing a bed with Justin in Vegas was fake for sure, no doubt, they were laying miles apart from each other, his face pointed to the wall. But, her puppy-dog look at Stephanie was priceless. It showed a deeper side to her vulnerable sensitive side again. It was a look that said don’t hurt me I may have screwed up here, I may have made a big mistake and I know it – so be kind and don’t condemn me.

    The bedtime morning after scenes were -almost- intimate with Kristin. Kristin is scarfing down ice cream sundaes in the AM (yuck), how funny is that. I think the reality is that her life itself was REALLY much much more interesting and fascinating than this MTV scripted and produced one…

    It would have been nice to see the Hills show focus more on Kristin, instead of the way it developed then suddenly ended. Now that the shows are over, all that I miss is seeing Kristin. Thank You for keeping up the faith and THE following of Kristin in your blog. I am sad that we won’t be seeing her “act” as much, cuz this chick can act when she pushes her emotion button, its powerful and touching too watch for sure, I was moved by her many times and I think many new fans would also agree.
    Thank you ruthelizabeth88
    Peace and much love :),
    Mission Viejo, CA

    • Holly Harper March 15, 2011 at 8:49 pm

      Yeah, I wonder what she is working on now, we do miss seeing her in something

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