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We Finally Know Why Whitney Fell on Good Morning America

Whitney, like most of us, has had her fair share of fashion emergencies.  On E!’s very early coverage of the 2011 Oscar’s, Whitney Port appeared in a Grecian goddess look complete with a braid and a ruffly collar on the her Whitney Eve brown dress.

Of her biggest fashion emergency, Whitney says it was her terrible tumble on Good Morning America.  Up until now, we always just thought she was nervous, or maybe just a little clumsy.  After all, the best of us slip and fall from time to time.  But come to find out, Whitney had a bona fide excuse for the fall.

Just a few moments ago, she told E!’s Ross Matthews of the fashion freak out, “the one that I can remember the most is when I fell live on Good Morning America wearing size 9 shoes and I’m a 7, so I’d say never wear shoes that are too big.”

More Fashion Tips Below:

A Fallen Button

When asked what you do if you’re out and a button falls off, Whitney answered, “I think what you can do is take one of those wire strings on your bread that has the paper around it. The twist ties.  You take the paper off of it and you can stick it through the button holes and stick it through the fabric, and twist it closed through the fabric.” Magic.

A Zipper Gets Stuck

What if your zipper gets stuck on your LBD.  “You take some chapstick or some lipgloss and you actually rub it on the teeth of the zipper so that it acts as a lubricant,” Whitney advised.

Spill Red Wine on Your White Blouse

“You wet a little towel with cold water and then you dab a little bit of rubbing alcohol on it. Dab on the fabric, but make sure not to let it dry.  Use a hair dry because [otherwise] it will leave that kind of ring around it,” Whitney said.

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