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Cover Your Ears, Speidi is Back

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are back and set to terrorize your ears some more. No, they aren’t doing an interview, but rather attempting a second shot at their musical careers. Spencer has leaked a song recorded in mid-2009 called, I Get Doe. Funny. Isn’t he broke now?!

“This is the second song I did after I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here, and we called it I Get Doe, which is slang for money.”

We love it when Mr. Pacific Palisades schools us on slang.  Even more offensive than that is his reference to true lyricists like Jay-Z and Nas.  As people who have listened to hip hop, Spencer’s music and the music of Jay-Z and Nas are not one in the same.

Spencer went on to say that the song attacks his critics and theHills, the show that launched his career fame. My, my, how grateful of him. If you don’t want to witness Spencer’s literary genius, look away now, as we are about to give you a preview of his lyrics.

“Spencer Pratt… b!tch. I bet you think because you saw me on the TV that you know my whole life story. Let me tell you something you might not know.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This song came on the heels of a song Spencer claimed he didn’t want released, called “Ain’t No Thang”, hit the interwebs “magically”.  The song is inexplicably about chicken and counting eggs.  Spencer recorded it last year but was so embarrassed by it, it never made it to the public.  Some of the lovely lyrics, “Money ain’t a thing / Nothing but a chicken wing / Call me Mr. KFC / S dot P in the flesh.”  This is like bad rap 101.  The best part about it is the beat, which conspicuously sounds like Ludacrissong, My Chick Bad.  We’re not saying he stole, we’re just saying it’s about as original as the song below.

Spencer later told TMZ, the song was supposed to be pitched to KFC as a new marketing venture.  The song was produced by TreBeatz who’s ironically worked with Nas, and others bona fide rappers like The Game, and Busta Rhymes and Spencer was “going to pitch it to KFC for a commercial.”

Spencer’s deal with producers fell through after a falling out.  Now, Spencer is threatening legal action against whoever leaked this song telling TMZ, “This is an attempt to sabotage my credibility and reputation.”  As if he hasn’t already done that himself.

If Spencer doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps his wife will. Heidi has leaked a new song of her own called Heartbeat. If your favorite style of music is auto-tuned pop, that quite frankly Britney Spears is master of and does better, then you’ll love Heidi’s latest unoriginal offering. Why even bother Heidi? Just put the microphone down, leave the studio, go home and make up with your mother.  Although, we must admit, it’s definitely not her worst work.

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