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Kendall Jenner Is Ready For Prom, Already

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It’s never too early to start getting ready for prom, with half the fun being in the weeks or months of prep with your girlfriends.  Kendall Jenner appears in the latest issue of TeenPROM magazine, along with Lucy Hale and Sarah Hyland, with all the girls talking about dream dresses, make-up tips and dream dates.

Kendall proves that although she’s already well-known, she has her head firmly on her shoulders by sticking to her own style.  Not only wearing a pair of brogues to the People’s Choice Awards when all her sisters were wearing heels, Kendall also talked to TeenPROM magazine about her perfect prom dress,  “This dress just stood out to me. It’s very easy and cute, and I can wear my combat boots with it.”

When asked about dream prom dates Kendall put the onus on sister Kim, saying Kim would want her to choose Taylor Lautner. Hmm, sounds like Kim has good taste as we could totally imagine Taylor and Kendall together!

One response to “Kendall Jenner Is Ready For Prom, Already

  1. IT'S STRANGELY ME January 6, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    Ahhh, that’s a lovely prom dress. If I could re-do my prom I’d definitely pick a short dress. Grad was 2 years ago but I can’t help frantically going through magazines with the word PROM plastered on the cover. It’s so fun looking at all the different dresses, styles and even hair styles!

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