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If Spencer Pratt Wasn’t A Reality Star…

The time has come to discuss the myriad of possible careers Spencer Pratt would have had he not decided to go after theHills girls to become famous.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Master Manipulator

We’ve all “had friends” who have fallen prey to a manipulative boyfriend/girlfriend.  Said boyfriend or girlfriend does something wrong, then convinces their significant other that said boyfriend/girlfriend is innocent and it was really all our “friend’s” fault.  Has anyone ever done it better than Spencer Pratt?  No.  He went farther than manipulation in his relationship with Heidi and some would say, he full on brainwashed her.  Which brings us to career and skill number 2.


A wise woman once said, “Heidi you’re brainwashed” by Spencer.  We’ve never really believed in hypnosis.   But with Spencer at the helm, there’s no telling what he could do.  When he’s not convincing Heidi that he’s a good, even spiritual or religious person, he’s convincing the world that Lauren Conrad had a sex tape or that he and Heidi are getting a divorce.  Although the general public is not brainwashed by Spencer (we’re all too smart for that), you have to admit, there was a period of time where we were being duped by his antics before we realized that a person like him could actually exist.

Dr. Evil

Spencer has a natural tendency to lean towards the dark side and only he would be crazy enough to impersonate Dr. Evil. And do a realistic job at it too. Just imagine a 4ft Spencer, sat on his throne of evil, stroking a scary hairless tiny cat and surrounded by his entourage as he plots to take over the world from the Space Needle or in a submarine. Of course we can’t forget his life long wish of taking down his enemy, Lauren Conrad: International Woman of Mystery.

That Jerk You Know

Let’s get real and stop fantasizing for a moment. Everyone’s encountered a jerk in their life – the guy who thinks his colleagues are only there to fetch his Starbucks, the guy who cuts you up while your doing 70mph and proceeds to slow down in front of you, the guy who treats sales assistants and waiters like they’re ants or the guy who would sell his own mother to get ahead. The chances are had Spencer not become a reality star, he would be that jerk in your life.


Spencer can sell water to a well.  So, we could picture him being a salesman, mainly because many salespeople are unethical and will stop at nothing to make money.  Ding, ding ding!  That’s Spencer in a nutshell.  We think we can stop now.

What do you think Spencer would be if he wasn’t a reality star?

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