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Is LC Having The Wedding of the 21st Century?

NY Daily News

Various news outlets are reporting that Lauren Conrad and Prince William‘s future bride, Kate Middleton may have been separated at birth. Do you think Kate Middleton is Lauren Conrad’s doppelganger?

Either way, the British version of the girl next door look is set to walk down the aisle.  Yep.  It’s that time of the century again folks, another royal wedding is set to bring the world to a stand still. Ending years of speculation Prince William announced his engagement to Kate Middleton on Tuesday, November 16th. He proposed to her during a safari holiday in Kenya with friends in October, and while the couple have refused to reveal whether or not he got down on bended knee, he has given her his late mother, Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding in 1981 was a spectacular fairy tale event that was broadcast around the world and thousands of well wishers lined the streets of London hoping to catch a glimpse of the blushing bride and her husband. However, it is not known whether Prince William and Kate’s wedding will be met with the same level of hysteria.

Some sections of the British public have become disillusioned with the monarchy believing that funding their upkeep, and the upcoming wedding, is a waste of tax-payers money. Polls conducted in the last decade show 20% of the British public wish for a republic, meaning 10 million people would happily vote to abolish the monarchy, citing it as an out-dated institution that wields no political power in contemporary society.

But fear not, with the majority of the country still supporting the royal family, Prince William and Kate will lead the monarchy into the 21st century to reach out to the modern generation. It is hoped they will work together along with Prince Harry to shake off the dusty image of royals as being out-of-touch with the common man, and will inject some much needed glamour and youth into the institution that hasn’t been seen since Princess Diana’s untimely death.

After all Great Britain is one of the very, very, very few countries in the world with a centuries old monarchy. We have the jewels, palaces, castles, titles, crowns, carriages, tiaras, and of course the accompanying media scandals that makes for awkward small talk at the watercooler. We should be proud of our unique heritage and tradition, and support Prince William and Kate in their union.

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