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Are You Looking for the Lo or The Bunney Lifestyle?

What do Lo Bosworth and Jennifer Bunney have in common? Blonde? Check! Born in Laguna Beach? Check! Featured in successful reality shows? Check! Social media entrepreneurs? Double check! They both have ventured into the vast world of cyberspace and have each started their own lifestyle websites: Lo’s, The Lo Down and Jenn’s, Socialite L.A.

Lo launched her website back in July promising and delivering “a guide to fashion, relationships, the good life and everything in between.” The website has been a huge success with over 24,523 unique visitors a month. This is not surprising as it has featured articles with Khloe Kardashian, was recently given an honorable mention in People magazine, and most importantly the witty and in-the-know contributors make for a fun read.

Admittedly Jenn only launched her website last month so we are unable to reference her number of visitors, but when her site promises to “gives tourists and locals alike a peek into the true Hollywood lifestyle through the eyes of socialite, Jennifer Bunney,” it won’t remain undiscovered for much longer. How can you be sure, you ask? Just remember all of the bus-loads of wannabe socialites that arrive in Los Angeles every day, every single one of them will want to associate with Jenn because, never forget, we are living in the MTV generation.  And Jenn once graced the scenes in not one, but TWO MTV shows.

Lo’s site is marketed towards theHills demographic of teenagers, and this is reflected in the content of the site. Lo offers advice on relationship problems from her older I’ve-been-there-done-that-got-the-shirt perspective, writes articles about young adults pursuing inspiring careers, and gives plenty of advice regarding health and fitness which is rather smart when you consider the obesity epidemic. The website itself is simple and classy with a white and gray color scheme and a few carefully chosen images to represent each section, Lo knows there’s no need to go over the top and confuse the reader.

Jenn’s site however jumps out at you in a glittery burst of purple, gray and white with a variety of images depicting the glamorous Los Angeles lifestyle. There are several sections that bring the reader the best deals in Hollywood, the hottest spots to see and be seen, socialite gossip and Jenn’s very own blog column. Needless to say Jenn has her target audience of wannabe socialites down pat, as she lures them in with pictures of designer clothes, the sparkling lights of downtown Hollywood and buzz words such as “free” and “cocktails”. Show us one socialite that doesn’t love free stuff and alcoholic beverages, and we’ll show you Sarah Palin’s secret past as a Democrat. That’s right you can’t. And neither can we.

As both websites are self proclaimed lifestyle sites, it’s easy to assume they will be in competition with one another, especially as the owners are former co-stars. But upon closer analysis each site caters to a different audience: Lo, teens and inbetweens and Jenn, young adults. When we think about it these two sites are actually like a lifestyle education system, readers graduate from Lo’s High School of Good Advice, and enter into Jenn’s College of Hollywood Excess.

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  1. canli tv November 13, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Drew my attention as someone who loves movies captions.Thanks for the post

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