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Take a Dive into Lo’s Purse

As we all know, Lo Bosworth’s website, The Lo Down, has been a great way for theHills star to keep in touch with her fans and dispense advise about relationships, life, beauty, and fashion. Her recommendations have been so sought out that she has created a new element to her site: an online shop! Now readers and fans can purchase the very products that Lo herself uses in her daily routine.

“I know that the future of the internet is all about e-comm[erce], and this is me dipping my toe in the water. It’s a brilliant opportunity for me to be able to share the stuff that I love with my readers in a more personal way. They can actually try out the stuff I’m writing about.”

In a recent blog post, Lo gives a preview into the types of things her readers will be able to buy, such as Stila’s One Step Makeup Prime Color in Bronze Babe ($22) and OM’s Perfume Square Pendant in gold ($75).

“I love shopping online. For me it’s all about convenience and being able to toy over buying whatever it is that I’m eyeing for as long as I like.”

This marks another notch in an exciting year for Lo, which has seen her create the site and pen a new book which is due in the beginning of 2011. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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