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Audrina and Tony Say Good Morning to America

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After the news of their elimination broke, Audrina and Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani have been hitting the news circuit lately to discuss the major upset, as the pair were favored to be one of the strongest teams this season. They are, no doubt, extremely disappointed at the surprise decision. Audrina, especially, was emotional as she took to her Twitter the morning after on Wednesday, October 27.

“Could not sleep at alll… About to head to hair and make-up for good morning america in a couple hours”

Audrina explained further about how left-field this was on Good Morning America.

“We were baffled Monday night after what the judges said. I still don’t understand. I’m really sad to be off the show. I just know that I had so much fun, this entire experience. I felt like I was really pushing it and trying to give more character, but I guess I couldn’t tap into that.”

Tony remained positive and said that having Audrina as a partner was “like a breath of fresh air. We had a blast through the entire process. We left with a smile on our face.”

We’ll miss you both!

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