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Kristin’s Mom Arrested For DUI with Kristin Riding Shotgun

The good news is we finally get to see Kristin Cavallari’s mom.  On Laguna Beach, we really only got to know her father, Dennis.  The bad news is we meet Kristin’s mom, Judith Spies, in a mugshot photo on a DUI arrest.

According to TMZ, Kristin’s mom was arrested in Barrington, Illinois near Chicago with Kristin in the front seat.  Judith was pulled over at a police checkpoint at 2:15 am late last month.  Source claim Kristin was solely concerned with eating and insisted on going to Subway.  Meanwhile, she yelled at cops to get her water while her mom went through field sobriety tests with police. One source was quoted saying, “Subway might be open in ‘The Hills’ but not here in Barrington at 2 AM.”  Meanwhile, Judith failed the sobriety test with a .155 reading which is nearly twice the legal limit.

Following the arrest, Judith’s car was impounded since Kristin admitted she was drunk and unable to drive.  TMZ also says Kristin didn’t play the fame card opting not to ask officers “do you know who I am?”, this despite dating Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler in a town that loves their sports teams.  We wonder if she did pull that card if it would even work as the couple has only recently been dating so cops may not buy it.  Kristin hasn’t yet reached Kim Kardashian status where everyone knows she’s dating a player.

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