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Freaks and Followers

“TheCity” Season 2: Episode 5: “Belle of Elle”

Kelly gets us started as “the bearer of good news in black” letting Whitney know Glamour is going to do a spread based on two of her skirts. Not only that, but she’ll be styling an ensemble around the skirts. Keeping to business, Kell says she’s going to send someone with Whitney because it would look good to go into Glamour with representation.

Whitney, always trying to be a good friend, asks to just bring Roxy. But Momma Kelly is not scared to disapprove of this suggestion without any pause. She warns to define her own “visual world and own identity” and reminds us she’s never been wrong.

At Elle, Erin and Olivia are already acting catty. Before the girls can really get to chatting Joe Zee pops his head in to invite Liv to a party, after basically overlooking Erin he invites her too (she probably felt good she had prior plans).

Whitney arrives at Glamour for an initial meeting, with no representation. She has a kind of mini interview with three editors and mentions that Roxy has been her rock, immediately the ladies ask if she’s her partner. Isn’t this what Kelly was afraid of? Yet she still tells them Roxy will be attending the next meeting. We guess for Whitney friendship comes before business.

As requested, Olivia attended the Eric Daman Book party with Joe and a few other Elle colleagues while Erin had dinner with the writer for Page Six. While gossip at dinner was of course about Olivia, MTV producers lead us to believe Erin has completely dished a dirty story on Olivia. So dinner for Erin went well, but the next day at work she hears all about Olivia’s wonder woman networking ways at the party the night before. Joe thought Liv did such a great job at the party he asked her to tag along to another, as long as she wears the designer being honored. Olivia accepts the invitation. Duh.

Guess who else is invited to the party though, Olivia‘s other reality star enemy, Whitney. But Whitney has bigger fish to fry at the Tahari party, she’s got her eyes on sweet talking the execs from Bergdorf.

Everyone gathers at the party networking like their lives depend on it. Whitney spots Olivia chatting with Linda, an exec from Bergdorf, and gets a little upset. She turns to Sami and asks if “these people really like her or if they just put up with her?” Sami says she does what she needs to do and Whitney agrees she just nudges her way in all the time. No worries on the home front though, Whitney grabs a few moments with the Bergdorf ladies and it went well to say the least. The only setback was Roxy‘s absence, better hope she doesn’t do that for Whitney’s big day with Glamour.

Come on MTV, you may have well as just said Roxy is going to be late. We expect it!

Jump to Whitney at her Glamour meeting sans Roxy. Side note- we love Whitney’s outfit, the sequined skirt with gray sweater. Anyways, we’re a little disappointed to see Whitney stumbling over styling these two outfits and one of the girls from Glamour even asks about the whereabouts of Roxy.

Enter, Roxy, finally. Once she arrives it’s as if Whitney‘s thought process just fell into place. This isn’t good and it’s exactly what Kelly said was going to happen. Perhaps Whitney does depend on Roxy too much. However, the ensemble Whitney finished was preferred over Roxy’s “hooker” look which was a little too slutty edgy for the magazine.

The producers bring Olivia and Erin‘s story to a close this week with the much awaited editor’s meeting. Joe mentions how great Olivia was throughout the week and how she flirted with the guy from Page Six, and then he says and “we even got a mention in page six” entitled “The Belle of Elle.” Don’t hold your breath too long though, the story isn’t about Olivia, it’s about Alexis‘s new job as Fashion Director. That’s really too bad we were hoping Erin had spilled some secrets about Olivia, maybe next time.

Now, advice from Kelly to really finish the episode right. She called to followup with Glamour regarding Whitney and was told she went with an assistant who helped with a “hooker ballerina” look. Kelly was not pleased to say the least, we all know how she feels about assistants speaking their minds at meetings. As she says, “this business is made of  freaks and followers and I’m totally a freak. So if you want to be a freak, that’s great, but you pay a price.” Looks like Whitney won’t be taking Roxy “non-freaky” places anymore.

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  1. K June 1, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    Wow, this is soooo late. I hope you guys aren’t treating The City like some evil stepchild or something… 😦

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