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The Real Story Is Ryan Cabrera Gave Tess The Cold Shoulder

Last week on Pretty Wild, Ryan Cabrera appeared on the show as Tess‘ love interest.  Tess was extremely into it as you can see from the clip above.  Unfortunately, Ryan was not.

Although Ryan invited Tess bowling, he obviously didn’t intend for it to be a date because he brought a friend along.  Tess was more like the third wheel to a bromance.  Also, there were no googly eyes and really there wasn’t even so much as an ounce of affection.  They shook hands when they finished bowling!

Making matters worse, Ryan got a text from a girl named Lisa, and didn’t even try to hide it.  This was obviously not a date.  So when Tess said in a recent interview that Ryan wasn’t cute to her anymore and Audrina can have him, it seems like she didn’t have a choice but to let Audrina have him.

While Tess’ sister Alexis was in court after they found a brown Marc Jacobs bag in her house that Lindsay Lohan says belong to her, Tess was getting the cold shoulder from Ryan Cabrera.  They’re both pretty bad.

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